5 Reasons Why Online Colleges Are So Popular These Days

Education is a very important matter. However, when we reach college we encounter a lot of challenges just to enroll ourselves in a university or a college school and write my essays online. The current challenges include high tuition fees, course shortages, time management and budget cuts. Students who want to graduate college will look for alternatives in order to continue their study. An online college is one of the best alternatives that you can find. A lot of students chose to enroll themselves in an online college, in fact approximately 3 million students currently enrolled themselves in a full online degree programs. In addition, there are also students who are taking a number of online courses in order to complete their degree program. The number of enrolled students in at least 1 online course is nearly six million.

Top 5 Reasons Why Online Education Is Popular

Clearly, this high increase of the number of online students gave online colleges a higher reputation proving that learning online is as effective as learning inside a classroom. Here are some of the reasons why online colleges are quickly improving their number of students:

Courses and Programs– Online schools offer a wider variety of courses and programs unlike the traditional university, wherein their courses are limited depending on the size of the campus. Online career colleges offer a lot of options for students. This means that whatever the student wants to study, they could easily search it online and they will surely see an online college offering the certain course or program. Through enrolling yourself in any of these online programs, you can earn a career certificate, a degree or even doctorate.

Lower Fees– If we are talking about the cost, online colleges are more affordable compared to traditional colleges or universities. However, there may be instances that there are really cheaper universities but that would be very rare. If we are talking about the accumulated cost, online colleges are more affordable because you don’t have to spend for your transportation, or if you rented a dormitory near a traditional university then you don’t need that in online colleges. Also, you don’t need to buy books or any other school supplies because it is given for free. Also, there are free online courses available for the students and this is certainly a big help financially. In short, if you enroll yourselves online then you are most likely to pay less or none at all.

Less hassle– If you are getting ready for your class, you don’t need to prepare too much. You can simple learn online while wearing your pajamas. Not only that, you control everything because you are not in a physical class session. You have all your lectures and assignments sent to you and all you have to do is read the lectures and complete your assignments in whatever way you want. You don’t need to wake up early and fix yourself, you don’t need to leave from your house minutes before your class starts, you don’t have to look for parking areas, you don’t have to deal with the traffic and most of all you won’t miss the important appointments you made.

Flexible and convenient– Online colleges are good if you are a busy person. They give you the opportunity of choosing your own study time. The course materials are always accessible online 24/7. So if you already committed on other appointments all day, you can simply move your study time at night. Online courses don’t require you to be online at a specific time instead they gave you the ease of time flexibility. All you have to do is pick the best time wherein you feel like studying, may it be early in the morning or late at night it won’t matter as long as you are learning.

More student concentration and interaction– In a real classroom, most of the students don’t participate. They prefer to talk to their seatmate, look at their crush or they are simply shy. However, in online classes, everyone is given the opportunity to participate in discussions or chats. According to surveys, students find it easier to interact in a virtual classroom and also they have their full concentration because they are not distracted by any other students unlike the traditional classroom.

Here Are 4 Examples Of Top Rated Online Colleges:

1. Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University is offering full forty-five bachelor’s degree programs that can be completed online. They offer skill related courses such as liberal arts, hotel and restaurant management and computer information technology. All the courses this school offers are a better choice for a good future. Northern Arizona University or NAU is one of the most affordable schools online. Competency based programs taken in this school will only cost you $2,500 per semester. This amount is a flat rate subscription, meaning you are allowed to enroll in as many courses as possible within six months. In addition, NAU requires no additional fees for lab or materials. Everything you need is provided online.

2. Granite State College

Granite State College is a liberal arts school that is offering you twenty-nine bachelor’s degree programs online. You can complete this degree at accelerated rates, part-time or full-time. A few examples of program offerings are digital and social media. This online college is part of the system of the University of New Hampshire. According to surveys, this is the 10th most affordable online school, in terms of semester tuition fee which is $4,575.

3. University of Central Florida

This university is a national research university that can offer you twenty fully bachelor’s program online. The University of Central Florida offers you comprehensive program offerings such as social science majors and humanities. This school ranked as fourth on the list of the most affordable semester tuition which is $3,270.

4. Oregon State University

This is an eCampus that is currently offering eighteen bachelor’s degree programs fully online such as computer science and even lab-based courses. Oregon State University is a nationally ranked university but it has a low per semester average fee. In fact, Oregon State University is ranked 8th as the most affordable online programs which is only $4,065. They offer a program to students who are not yet sure of the field they want to study, this program allows the student to explore on several majors. The program is referred as the University Exploratory Studies Program.